Our Mission

To deliver raw water to the District's Member Cities (Abilene, Albany, Anson and Breckenridge) and others for municipal, industrial, mining, domestic/livestock and irrigation purposes, as authorized and/or required by the Act creating the District (Art. 8280-162), Auxiliary Water Laws adopted by the Texas Water Commission/Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission, and individual contracts between the District and its customers.

Own, operate, manage and maintain the District's water resource (Hubbard Creek Reservoir) and the District's water pumping and delivery systems.

As directed by state mandates, address drought management, drought relief and water quality issues.

Provide recreational facilities and opportunities for the general public incidental to the District's statutory and contractual purposes, duties and responsibilities.

    Hubbard Creek Reservoir (09-12-2014) Elevation/1154.92 msl
  • 16.0% Full
  • Possum Kingdom Reservoir (09-12-2014) Elevation/983.92 msl
    59.0% Full
  • Lake Fort Phantom Hill (09-12-2014) Elevation/1619.81 msl
    34.0% Full
  • Lake Daniels (09-12-2014) Elevation/N/A
    23.4% Full
  • Lake O.H. Ivie (09-12-2014) Elevation/1510.75 msl
    17.0% Full

Team Members

  • Chris Wingert, P.E.

    General Manager

    Chris Wingert, P.E. is a native Texan who received a Bachelor of Science....

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  • Richard Beck

    Assistant Manager/Operations

    Richard Beck is a Texas A&M graduate who received a degree in....

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  • Sam Fare

    Planning & Development Manager

    Sam Fare is an Abilene native with a degree in Landscape Architecture...

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