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Hubbard Creek Reservoir Recreation

Boat Ramps:

The District owns and maintains four public boat ramps at the Reservoir. Three of the ramps, Peeler, Corley, and Clark are constructed to provide boat docking capability for lake elevations of 1175 msl or higher. The Prater ramp is generally serviceable down to elevation 1160.

Hubbard Creek Reservoir is considered to be full at the conservation pool elevation of 1183 msl. The bottom elevations of boat ramps are approximately:

Launching and retrieving boats from these ramps, especially when the Reservoir elevation is at or near the values shown, is at the risk of the boat owner. The District reserves the right to close to the public any boat launching facility that is unusable due to low water levels or other conditions that create safety hazards to the public and District employees.

The operation of watercraft on the Reservoir is regulated and enforced by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Zebra Mussel

Invasive Species:

Boaters are encouraged to exercise proper boat cleaning and sanitation measures when moving from one body of water to another to help prevent the spread of invasive plant and animal species. The Reservoir is already home to Hydrilla, Salt Cedar, and Harris Sand Crabs. Zebra mussels and Giant Salvinia are present in other Texas lakes and present a threat to the health of the Reservoir. The District asks you to be vigilant of your boat's condition and for your help in preventing their spread into Hubbard Creek Reservoir.


Park Area:

The District provides a public park area on the North end of the dam. The 27-acre park provides facilities for picnicking, fishing, swimming, and primitive camping. Sanitary facilities are currently limited and potable water is not available. ATV's and other off-road vehicles are not allowed in the park.


Hubbard Creek Reservoir is popular for the many fishing opportunities it offers. The Lake provides a healthy fishery for sport species as black bass, white crappie, channel, flathead, and blue catfish, white bass, and freshwater drum. Fishing on the lake is regulated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.


Duck hunting is allowed on the Reservoir during the open migratory waterfowl season. Hunting must be conducted from a watercraft. The discharge of a firearm is not permitted on Water District property, such as any dry ground between the conservation pool level and the current water level or District parks and boat ramps, or within less than 1,000 feet from a residential or public access area.

Private Property:

The only public access areas on the Reservoir are the four boat ramps and the park area. All other District property is closed to public access. Other property that abuts the lake is privately owned. "No Trespassing" warnings may be marked with a sign or with purple posts.

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